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Microsoft proves that it's evil -- or at least stupid [28 Jul 2006|09:31am]
Microsoft apparently broke Windows Update overnight.

I'm building multiple PCs at work this week. Step three of the build process is to install XP. For this purpose, we use our Microsoft-issued Volume License Key. Step five of the process is to run Windows Update to install any post-SP2 updates. As of this morning, this process fails because our VLK cannot be validated. At first I thought this might be because Microsoft invalidated our key. It turns out that, no, this is not the case. Instead, Microsoft broke Windows Update: WU no longer automatically installs WGA on the computer as part of the preinstall. In order to run Windows Update on a fresh build, you must manually install the Windows Genuine Advantage ActiveX control on the computer. Once you've done this, then and only then can you run Windows Update.

I don't know what you're thinking, Microsoft, but I hope you get a fucking hell of a lot of calls from corporate users complaining about this. I know I'm pushing this up to my channel partner. Hopefully others will to. Stop dicking with us. Crap like this increases TCO, and you push TCO up too much and we will all defect to Linux.
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[21 Apr 2006|05:56pm]
This image made me think of naiad_kittynaiad_kitty for some reason.
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[16 Apr 2006|03:27pm]
I had an idea in the shower today, for something that might be useful. But I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

I want something for use in a Tomcat servlet that, given an arbitrary class, will use introspection to examine the servlet request and create a new instance of the class with its nontransient instance variables initialized against properly named form values from the request. Initially, I'm willing to do the introspection at runtime, but it would be best if factory methods can be developed at runtime to generate the instance from the servlet request (perhaps as a constructor?). I know, I could just write them by hand, but that's tedious and increases maintenance.

If someone's already done this, please point me in the right direction. If this is a bad idea, tell me why (and not just because Java is evil/stupid/bad, I don't want a language war).
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[07 Apr 2006|08:24am]
Just discovered today: http://stuffonmycat.com


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[05 Apr 2006|02:12pm]
There is a special adprep for Server 2003 R2; if you want to use an R2 server as a DC you have to run the secret adprep hiding away on Disk 2.

I'm sure I was warned about this in one of the many many documents I didn't read.
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  • ThinkGeek :: George Foreman USB iGrill
    The low-fat, high-bandwidth solution to your networked cooking needs is finally here. The George Foreman USB iGrill conveniently connects to your home or office PC using USB 2.0 technology, and provides a sophisticated web-based cooking interface.
    Tags: hardware, neat, toys,
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