kelly martin (kelly_lynn) wrote,
kelly martin

Microsoft proves that it's evil -- or at least stupid

Microsoft apparently broke Windows Update overnight.

I'm building multiple PCs at work this week. Step three of the build process is to install XP. For this purpose, we use our Microsoft-issued Volume License Key. Step five of the process is to run Windows Update to install any post-SP2 updates. As of this morning, this process fails because our VLK cannot be validated. At first I thought this might be because Microsoft invalidated our key. It turns out that, no, this is not the case. Instead, Microsoft broke Windows Update: WU no longer automatically installs WGA on the computer as part of the preinstall. In order to run Windows Update on a fresh build, you must manually install the Windows Genuine Advantage ActiveX control on the computer. Once you've done this, then and only then can you run Windows Update.

I don't know what you're thinking, Microsoft, but I hope you get a fucking hell of a lot of calls from corporate users complaining about this. I know I'm pushing this up to my channel partner. Hopefully others will to. Stop dicking with us. Crap like this increases TCO, and you push TCO up too much and we will all defect to Linux.
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Maybe it's a first step in phasing out the daft wga! (yeah right... we can hope though ;-)
It's a damned-if-you-do type situation. A lot of people have been hitting the stratosphere about the automatic WGA installation, so in typical MS fashion they took the blunderbuss approach and made life difficult for the people who do want it automatically installed.

If any of those propellerheads had brains they'd offer the option at the beginning of the update process.
I don't particularily want it installed automatically, either. What I do want is to be able to run Windows Update. And I don't like having to figure on my own what I have to do to accomplish that. They could at least TELL me that I have to manually install it.

We'll be going to SMS in the not too distant future, which will render this a moot point (all upgrades will be pushed centrally, and we won't have to validate individual computers). But until then, I would like to have the hour I wasted on this problem back -- and the 5 minutes of wasted time per build I'm going to have to spend until they fix it. I want a discount on my next renewal.