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kelly_lynn's Journal

kelly martin
22 January
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During the day, I'm a network administrator, which mostly means I alternate between trying to keep the server room from imploding, and chasing off salespeople who are trying to convince me to buy new servers. I used to be a GIMP developer although I haven't spent much time on that lately. Once upon a time (in the days before the World Wide Web), I was a contributor to the original TinyMUD engine (the grand-daddy of TinyMUSH, MUCK, and many other MUD engines). Nowadays, I mainly limit myself to submitting Debian bug reports and occasionally starting flamewars in the GIMP developer forum. I'm also an administrator on the English Wikipedia.

I was once a law student, although I never finished (left school to work for a dot.com that went dot.bomb). Maybe some day....

I also dabble in gardening, photography, computer-generated imagery, nomic, cooking, and probably any number of other things that I'm forgetting about right now.